Malware, Malware and …Malware

With computers everywhere and practically everyone out there using them in some form or another, it is only logical that there will be some bad people out there looking to exploit the numerous vulnerabilities of the operating systems out there. Take for example the situation where you are looking for information on a car part. Everything is going fine and you are getting good information about some part that you need for the brake job you are attempting to do on your own. You click a link and the website loads along with a message that your computer has just been infected with a number of viruses and the number is escalating. What do you do at this point? The logical thing to do is to quickly close that window and then panic wondering what you need to do at this point. Guess what… you just started a real infection by closing that window. You see what is happening is that the website you were just at, infected you with a real form of malware known as “fake antivirus”. By clicking the close button, you instructed your computer to load this program and it now has control over your system and cannot be easily removed. You see the click closing the popup window actually tells your computer to install the malware. This is where a little education helps. Should this message pop up and tell you that you are infected, close the browser and restart a new session. DO NOT click the close on the popup box as this is where it installs from. Following this practice may save you from a real headache.

As always we at Perry Hall Computer Repair  can provide you with repairs should you become a victim of a malware exploit. You can go to our website at  and find out more about what we do.


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