Scareware, Ransomware, Anti Virus and You

Scareware also called Ransomware, similar to Malware (short for malicious software) is designed to scare you into thinking your computer is infected. These type of infections are no longer restricted to porn surfers or users that download pirated software. Typically, scareware will pop up on your screen in the form of a realistic looking “scan” After a few moments you will be notified that you have 100’s of infections. This is intended to scare the user into interacting with the program to “remove” the infections. If you click the remove button you will generally be shown a window that states that most of the “infections” have been removed but for the remaining few you will need to upgrade to the professional version of the program. The average user will get their credit card out and this is when the real problem starts. You give your credit card information to pay for the $49, $59 or $69 “professional version”. 

In reality your computer has been infected with viruses, you have given out your credit card number and have payed a sum of money. Now that the attacker has your card info, they can go shopping.

Make yourself familiar with your anti virus software. Learn how it looks. If you see anything pop up that says it is scanning your computer and the message did not originate from your anti virus software, immediately click the X and close the program. Do not click anywhere else, interact with the program in any way or download any add-ons or plug ins without first searching for it on Google to see if it is legitimate.

If you already have a scareware or another virus issue that has gotten the best of you and your computer, Contact us to set up an appointment.

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