Virus and Spyware Removal Special Offer! $99.00 In Shop

This is what we do for this special price.

Dust Cleaning,  Check your hardware Security audit and scan Virus removal * Malware/spyware removal *
Removal of un-needed software and startup items  Hard drive files cleanup Disk Defragmentation
Installation of Lifetime Malware protection software.  Install Operating System updates and Service Packs

All for Just $99.00 (In -Shop Price)   On Site (169.00)


Viruses are everywhere these days. Once you get them it can be difficult to remove. Can you afford to let all your important data to be at risk? Wouldn’t you like to know you are completed protected? Perry Hall PC Repair Service checks to makes sure there are no traces left of viruses left on your computer. We go far beyond what most shops do to make sure your personal data is safe.


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