Files Missing? You Might have a virus

Just imagine if you will starting up your system one fine morning only to discover that everything appears to be missing – your files, installed programs, even your Start menu shortcuts.  If you’re one of the many people that have recently become victims of the “Hidden Files Virus,” this scenario may be a shocking reality.

The good news: your files aren’t actually gone for good.  The bad news: your system has a virus and getting your files back will require some work.

You should strongly consider contacting a reliable computer repair professional to avoid further damage or causing permanent data loss.


Do Not

  1. Pay for any program claiming it can clean the infection off your PC.
  2. run a registry or temporary file cleaning too IT CAN CAUSE MORE DAMAGE!
  3. install any “anti-virus” or “removal utility” program that presents itself in the form of a pop-up, dialog box or un-closeable message on your screen IT CAN BE ANOTHER VIRUS

Located in Perry Hall Maryland,  Connected PC Solutions provides affordable computer repair in Perry Hall Maryland


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