The FBI Has Locked my Computer – Ransomware

FBI-Department-of-Justice-VirusPlease note that this virus is spyware, and the claims that you see on the FBI page are not real. Therefore, you are in no trouble with FBI or other security departments. What’s more, paying the fine via Ukash vouchers or Moneypack cards would only make the matter worse, since at the time you’re finished entering your activation number, the virus opens your computer’s gates for further infections. This is why the FBI spyware is so dangerous

The FBI virus (also known as FBI Moneypack virus or Citadel Reveton) is a type of ransomware (a subcategory of spyware) which makes use of the Trojan Ransomlock R to lock down your computer systems. Being disguised as FBI, this virus claims that your computer was recently involved in an illegal activity (download or distribution of copyrighted material, access to child pornography, and so on), and demands you to pay a fee of $100 (or $200) in order to regain access to your computer. The virus asks you to pay via Moneypak cards in a maximum of 72 hours, threatening you with jail time in case you fail to comply.


If you’ve encountered the virus and need it removed, it is best to have a professional removal service performed unless you are 100% confident in your ability. Important data can be lost during removal if not done properly. Perry Hall PC Repair offers safe and secure virus removal as well as data recovery services.

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