Let me Tell Ya About Router Security

wifi_Perry_Hall_PC_REPAIRMany folks setting up wireless home networks rush through the job to get their Internet connectivity working as quickly as possible. That’s totally understandable. It’s also quite risky as numerous security problems can result. Today’s Wi-Fi networking products don’t always help the situation as configuring their security features can be time-consuming and non-intuitive.

Why your router needs to be secured:

Increase bandwidth usage. Most ISPs provide a set amount of bandwidth from data transfer to and from the Internet. Many times if you were to go over that limit you would be charged a specific amount per gigabyte or worse your account could be disabled until the next billing cycle.

Providing access to local resources. When someone is connected to your router, they may be able to access to your local computers since they have gained access to the local area network managed by your router.

Anything that happens online can be traced back to you. You ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns an IP address to you that you use when connecting online. All data that you request online is sent to your unique IP address. If someone who you don’t know connects to your router, and then does something illegal, such as hacking, malware-related, or worse, law enforcement can will track the IP address right back to your wireless router. This can have serious consequences for you if this does happen.

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