Computer Running Slow? What to do about it

Perry_Hall_MD_PC_TRepair_TechComputers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system are notorious for slowing down over time. A lot of my customers come to me assuming that PCs get slower as they age, and need a hardware upgrade – perhaps something as drastic as a new PC.

But this is simply not true.  The main problem Windows users face is a lack of maintenance. Tiny problems accumulate over time, gradually straining the system until it falls down under its own weight. What’s needed is a PC Tune up from Connected PC Solutions.

But sometimes – just sometimes – something more drastic is required. No more time for pruning and shearing: it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start again. It’s time to re-install Windows.  Contact our Perry Hall, MD Computer Repair to get your PC performing it’s best.


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