Going Paperless? Tips to save your Office Money

cmyk_Perry_Hall_MD_PC_REPAIRPrinting is very easy and traditional. In fact “paper” documents have been around almost as l long as there have been human civilizations. Most people print out of habit. Recently, as the Owner of Perry Hall PC Repair, I have been tasked to help a client reduce their paper consumption.  Since we as humans are pretty stubborn we usually need a good reason to do something new or outside of our routine.  Now that said I am no way what some would consider and environmentalist, Tree hugger or other various buzzwords for people who are devotedly “green”. I did however discover that many times we print out of habit not really need. Here are a few tips that not only will reduce paper consumption but will also save you money.

  1. Print Two Sided –  Most printer have the option for Duplex printing. Duplex printing is a fancy way of saying print on both sides of the paper. If printing out 100 pages by duplex printing you only print on 50 sheets instead of 100 cutting your paper consumption in half.
  2. Print to PDF –  Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Many software packages give you the option of Print to File which essentially saves the document in a print ready format such as PDF.  By doing this it can be read on most smartphones, Tablets, Ipads and other devices.
  3. Email instead –  Email the document instead of printing it out.  The recipient can read the document without printing and they can make the decision on whether to print or not.

Follow these 3 simple tips not only save you paper but will also save you in ink and or toner.

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