Our New Computer Service Plan

PERRY_HALL_MARYLAND_PC_REPAIR_SERVICE_PLANSAre you tired of paying high prices for your computer problems? Do you feel that you are visiting your computer repair company too often? Well our new service plan is perfect for your needs. We decided to implement this plan, because we felt that we could offer our customers more. We begin to feel like we were doing our customers a disservice by not offering monthly maintenance agreements.

Unlike other service providers, we have decided not to wait for our customers to have problems before we address the problems. We will log on to your computer often and perform scheduled maintenance(this will not affect your ability to use your PC).

Our service plans give our customers a piece of mind. No longer will you have to worry about if a website is harmful or not, because you know that Connected PC Solutions Perry Hall PC Repair  is to the rescue at no additional cost to you. Our residential plans start at $16.99 per month, or $200 for the full year(without plan would cost $1200 for equivalent service). We have plans that cover up to 3 computers, unlimited remote support , unlimited virus removals and tune-ups. Best of all, you will only speak to 100% English speaking LOCAL Technicians.

Computer Repair inPerry Hall, Maryland  – Connected PC Solutions

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