Quit Clowning Around with Those Annoying pop ups and Slow, Freezing Computer!

Perry Hall PC Repair

Perry Hall PC Repair

I’m sure you can remember the last time you felt real anger and frustration towards your PC because it’s always…so… painfully…slow.

As an A + and Dell certified technician  who has built and repaired computer systems for 20 years, I have seen (and fixed) the very worst cases of computer slow-down…

And I can tell you – having a slow computer isn’t much fun for anyone, is it?

The truth is that computers become slow and bogged down in almost no time at all. Old, redundant and corrupt files build up quickly causing your P.C. to feel sluggish and slow causing crashessystem errors and serious computer slow-down just at times when you really need your computer the most.  This could be a sign of malware, or a virus infection.

The reality is that your computer is in need of preventive maintenance. A good PC Tune up from a qualified PC Technician will cure what ails your computer.

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