Solid State Drives – Do You Need One?

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Solid state (SSD) drives are all the rage among techies. The Solid State drives use non-volatile NAND flash memory, meaning there are no moving parts. Because there is no actuator arm and read/write head that must seek out data on a platter like on a hard disk drive (HDD), they are faster in reading and, in most cases, writing data.

A 500GB Sata Drive costs around $65.00-$75.00  Where as a 500GB Solid State Drive cost around $350-$400. A lot depends on how you expect to use your computer. If you’re a college student writing papers and surfing the Internet for information, the advantages of an SSD are negligible, but if you’re downloading video and using multiple applications at the same time, an SSD will give you a very noticeable performance boost.

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