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Internet Connectivity – Prepare for Trouble

no_internet_access Most ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) list their Technical Support phone numbers on their website (You may have to dig and hunt around for it). Write it down somewhere handy (We have ours on a cork message board in our office with other important numbers and other emergency/critical numbers and account info).

Also it is a great idea to also have your routers model and serial number written down as well for when you call for Tech Support.

Having this documentation for your router handy will make the Tech Support call process smoother.



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Hard Drive Failure Symptoms and Signs of Failure- Perry Hall PC Repair

data recovery-perry-hall-marylandSooner or later, all hard drives crash So you are worried that a hard drive failure is just around the corner? The truth is, even if you are not worried about it, it is! It is not a question of if it is a question of when.

When a hard drive fails it is typically because there is a physical problem with the mechanics of the drive.

Early warning signs include:

  1. Computer freezes often. When it happens, the mouse cursor is unmovable and keyboard input is ignored. Nothing works and a restart is required to recover the computer.
  2. Files Mysterious disappearing.
  3. Frequent lock-up during booting. When I say “frequent” because all computers will freeze every now and then and it doesn’t necessarily mean the drive is failing. You’re looking for a pattern here.
  4. File access mysteriously slows to a turtle’s pace. Saving files or open files simply takes forever.
  5. Your Hard Drive is no longer recognized by your computer.
  6. Clicking, Grinding, Whirring noises.

Too commonly people lose a hard drive that had data on it that was not backed up. n These are the people who are then scrambling for ways to recover the data from a crashed hard drive. In some cases, this can be done. You should know up front, though, that it is going to cost you some money.

Connected PC Solutions offers Data Recovery and Hard Drive replacement as well as Back-up solutions.

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Perry Hall PC Repair – Dust the Silent Killer

delldirty When dust gets into your machine it is pulled in toward the fans of the machine.  The fans, naturally try to keep your computer cool.  Since the fans have a vacuum effect as well as a blowing effect, they pull the dust inward and the dust accumulates around the parts of the computer the fans are trying to cool. A CPU fan or Central Processing Unit Fan, I a large fan used to keep the processor cool. As this fan spins, more and more dust collects around the processor. The layers of dust insulate the processor and prevent the fans from doing their job much like a blanket.  After enough time, the fans have virtually no effect on the processor and the computer starts to overheat.  All because of some dust.

Customers are often shocked that the reason their computer is in for repair is a buildup of dust.  We have seen this to such extents that the computer stops running because it is so hot, and may shut down sporadically. Sometimes in a chronic situation the computer’s Motherboard fails under the stress of the heat and needs to be replaced.

While your computer is serviced by Connected PC Solutions the dust is always cleaned from the heat sinks and fans, and will never come back to you looking like the one in this picture!!  Parkville, MD PC Repair


WARNING: Malicious FED EX Delivery Confirmation E-mails

We have had  two customers last week and three customers this week  that opened emails labeled “Delivery Confirmation” then were immediately infected with an uncertain Trojan virus. We recommend that all people DELETE the e-mail Immediately WITHOUT opening it.

Clicking on any of the links in the e-mail will infect your computer 

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Hard Drive Failure


Grinding, Clicking noises can be a warning sign that your hard drive is near complete failure. Our best advice to protect your data is to simply power down the PC and call a qualified technician. Continued use could cause permanent data corruption and or loss.

Hard Disk or System Failure, Data Loss

We_Can_Help_Nottingham_PC_RepairThe Hard Disk or Hard Drive contains most of valuable and important files to you and the Computer, to a professional Operator Hard Drive and System failure might seem unlikely and rare, but to an amateur users, Hard disk and System Failure is most likely the causes of Data lost, Failure Hard disk can be caused in may ways, heat, electric, internal failure, natural disasters like earthquake, lightning strikes, among other causes, preventing your Hard disk from any kind of failure will reduce chances of Losing that data  on your Computer.

Many users complain of lost files on their Computer, yet every years millions of people kiss their precious files goodbye, whereas causes of data and files lost on Computers are so numerous. This may seems unlikely but over quarter of all PC problems is somehow related to data and file lost. We have received litany of complaints concerning data lost mostly on how to recover data and files lost, knowing and aware of the most common causes of data lost will help to understand the importance of insuring data safety, as they said prevention is better than cure, where causes of data lost are endless.


  1. Keep You PC running it’s best a Tune Up can ensure Maximum Up-time
  2. Back Up Your Data.
  3. Use a Good Surge Protector not just a “Power Strip” a UPS is even better!
  4. Turn OFF the PC during bad Storms Un Plug from wall if you have no Surge Protection


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