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I am sure if you have been on Craigslist you have seen the ads ” We’ll fix anything for a $45 flat fee! ‘  Or the infamous  “Computer Repair for $25” …..How can this be?

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It can’t! When you see these types of ads on Craigslist or anywhere else, our best advice to you is to move on and keep looking. This type of ad normally indicates that the service provider has little experience, insufficient skills, or is simply somebody who is trying to make an extra buck to supplement their existing income.

Think About It

One service that this is especially true of is virus and spyware removal. It takes HOURS, to completely remove a virus. If someone tells you they can remove your virus simply by running a special software utility, you are being misled or the person simply doesn’t know what they are doing. Viruses leave behind remnants that can only be removed manually and this requires that the technician has advanced skills and knowledge of Windows and all of its components.

When you consider the information above, now ask yourself how someone can provide this service for a flat fee such as $45? It takes several hours alone just to wait while your data is being backed up and then to re-install windows and restore your data after the install is complete. On average it takes us at least 4 hours of labor to clean a customers PC. That breaks down to an hourly rate of a little over $10 an hour if you charge $45. Keep in mind this doesn’t include travel time if provided.

Now ask yourself if this person really has the background and skills that you would want them to have before working on your PC? We don’t think so and we doubt you do either.

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