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delldirty When dust gets into your machine it is pulled in toward the fans of the machine.  The fans, naturally try to keep your computer cool.  Since the fans have a vacuum effect as well as a blowing effect, they pull the dust inward and the dust accumulates around the parts of the computer the fans are trying to cool. A CPU fan or Central Processing Unit Fan, I a large fan used to keep the processor cool. As this fan spins, more and more dust collects around the processor. The layers of dust insulate the processor and prevent the fans from doing their job much like a blanket.  After enough time, the fans have virtually no effect on the processor and the computer starts to overheat.  All because of some dust.

Customers are often shocked that the reason their computer is in for repair is a buildup of dust.  We have seen this to such extents that the computer stops running because it is so hot, and may shut down sporadically. Sometimes in a chronic situation the computer’s Motherboard fails under the stress of the heat and needs to be replaced.

While your computer is serviced by Connected PC Solutions the dust is always cleaned from the heat sinks and fans, and will never come back to you looking like the one in this picture!!  Parkville, MD PC Repair



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