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Don’t Lose your Data Back it Up

Backup-perry-hall-pc-repairImagine losing all of your precious memories stored on your computer. All of your photos, videos, music, movies, data and important documents are gone – forever. That feeling has happened to many people all over the world. If you don’t have a backup in place, you’re begging for it to happen to you. Regular backups save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in data recovery costs. Both residential and small business customers should always have a data backup in place.

If you don’t have a data backup in place, or even if you do but can’t find the time to perform backups, we can surely help. We offer anything from one-time backups to complete hard drive image backups. We can store them on our server for you, place them on an external hard drive, or even set you up with a Cloud based backup solution.

Whether you’ve mistakenly deleted an important document, or your hard drive has completely failed, our skilled technicians can assist you in getting your data back.

About Back Ups

If you’re not backing up your PC, you should be. Every day in the shop we are working on trying to recover someone’s pictures, iTunes, resume, documents, etc…. If you don’t know how and or don’t have the equipment no worries,we can provide the right equipment and software for your needs. We have everything you need  in stock. We will setup the software, provide the appropriate hardware and teach you how to use it.

How Often?

A general rule of thumb is: people who use their computer occasionally (5 hours/week or less) should be backing up their data on at least a weekly basis. If you use your computer more frequently, however (more than 10 hours/week), doing it daily is probably a good idea. Another variable is the type of data you store on your computer. Obviously, the more important it is to you, the more important backing it up becomes.

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