Computer Repair : Replace my PC or Repair it? Let’s Explore

We_Can_Help_Nottingham_PC_RepairSo what’s the real cost of replacing my old computer with a new one?

While up front a couple hundred dollar repair bill for your computer may look less desirable than spending a few hundred more for a new computer, take into account all the things you don’t know about your current computer that you just assume will be the same in a new one.  When you lay it all out with some real dollars applied, the cost to repair will almost always be less expensive.


A great example of this is Microsoft Office.  We see hundreds of people a year come into our Perry Hall Computer repair shop and have no idea if their version of Microsoft Office came with the computer or if they bought it afterwards.  Most of the time, if your computer came with software pre-installed you are not legally allowed to transfer that software to another machine.  Some software that you bought separate of the computer will allow you to install it on more than one machine.  Do you know what software you use to send email, create documents, organize and edit photos, or perform other tasks you do on a daily basis?  Also, keep in mind that some older software won’t run on newer machines, so even if you’re legally allowed to install it on more than one machine that doesn’t mean you will be successful in doing so.  How long might it take you to learn how to use the new version of whatever software you use? The learning curve from Office 2000/2003 is huge when switching to Office 2010. Estimated Cost$100-$300

Your files and settings?

You’ve been using your current computer for years.  Do you remember all the passwords and settings you used to configure email accounts and other software when you first got it?  Do you know the location of any files (documents, pictures, videos, etc) on the old computer so you can transfer them to the new computer?  How long will it take you to transfer the data from the old computer to the new computer?  How much will it cost if you pay someone else to do it?  How will you know if everything has been transferred correctly?  Those are just a few of the questions you should ask before assuming everything is going to magically move from your old computer to the new computer. Estimated Cost $65 and Up.


Above all, before going forward with computer repair or replacement, be sure to get all the facts first. Our Nottingham, Maryland Computer Repair Shop will give you an estimated cost of repair and include both labor and parts. Then you can decide whether repair or replacement is the best route.  

Note: Typically it is our recommendation that if the cost of the repair exceeds 50% the cost of a replacement computer the client should consider replacement while factoring in the cost of software, data transfer ect..
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