Real Life Disaster Scenario- Pre-Loaded Software and Your Restore Disc

 computer-repair -baltimore-county-pc-crashScenario: A Customer will call him “Bill” purchased a new computer 3 years ago and had the option to get Microsoft Office pre-loaded for $95 no disks or purchase Microsoft office for $199 of Microsoft Office with the disks and install it himself.  “Bill” went against the advice of his pc technician and ordered the pre- loaded version saving a few bucks. Fast forward 3 years and his system has suffered a severe crash before calling for support decides to use his system restore disk and restore the system to day one.  “Bill” had a backup of all pertinent files but since Microsoft Office wasn’t included on the restore disk “Bill” was without a way to use Excel, and Outlook two essential tools for his business.

Pre –loaded versions of Office is basically a version that is installed from a OEM cd and assigned a valid product use license key. They are not included on any restore cd because they are an option not typically included on a system by default.

It is important to have a backup of your system not just a restore disk. One way for this to happen is to have a system image created on a back-up hard drive.  By doing this you will have another option if the system crashes and you have installed programs such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks etc.. It makes a system crash like the one “Bill” suffered a lot less painful.


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