Our Multi-Layered Protection Service

wpid-special_offer.jpegWe use a multi-layered security system with overlapping software layers. Inevitably, no security software will catch everything. Just like in a football game, you have the first line of defense, and then back up players who catch anyone who breaks through the front line of defense.

Many times, when a user notices an active piece of malware, It is merely the visible tip of the infection iceberg. There are usually many malware items laying just beneath the surface in the operating system. This can range from your internet browser home page being stolen, to Trojan horse software targeting your banking account information.

We have carefully hand picked and tested the software we use in our in our Multi-Layered Security Plan. Our program work and it is a plan that we employ ourselves here @ Connected PC Solutions.

Our Plan includes:

  1. Pre Setup Virus Spyware  Scan and Removal
  2. Custom Browser/Internet Settings
  3. Anti Virus Protection
  4. Anti-MalwareProtection
  5. Anti- Spyware Protection
  6. PC Tune Up

All this is done for one low Price of:

$99  In Shop – Free Pick Up and Delivery

$159 On Site – 


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