Outbreak: The FBI Virus

Perry_Hall_Maryland_FBI_Virus_RemovalThe FBI will stop prosecuting for only $200, or at least that’s what the FBI Virus is saying. This week we have seen 10 clients get what is known as the FBI virus.

To many such a thing would scare you right into running off to one of your local retailers to avoid prosecution, but the virus is what is know as ransomeware, meaning that it hijacks your computer and won’t give back control until you give it some money. I would like to take this chance to remind everyone to make sure that they don’t open any odd emails or go to websites which are not reputable.

Most popular question we get is: 

If I pay the money will it go away? No, it actually won’t it says that it will but current research suggest it goes away for a brief period and then comes back again.

What Should I Do?

Have a reputable Computer Repair company remove the virus, Again if you do pay the money it will come back.

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