Why We Do Not Recommend Norton

computer-repair -baltimore-county-pc-crashA lot of people always ask us “What security program do you recommend?” and usually they follow up by saying “I was thinking of getting Norton”. Once upon a time we would have said its easy to use and has great protection, but that was a long, long, long time ago not today!

One reason why we don’t recommend Norton is because it is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

The current Norton program has the ability to do about 20 different things such as parental controls, email protection, and performance alerts.

Just looking at the features that Norton offers it may seem like a good deal but its unfortunately not. Many of the features that Norton offers are not as robust as they need to be and so they are simply attempting to do far to much. All of these extra features are more then the average computer user or business user actually needs, yes to much of a good thing is bad at times.

One of reasons why I don’t recommend Norton: 
It slows down computers way to much, in my opinion Norton has become bloated and has way to many things that in reality most people won’t ever use. What people really need is a good security suite and not a program that does 20 different things.

If you currently use Norton I suggest that you try and see what I’m talking about by removing the program (do not go online without internet security), once the program is removed you will see an incredible boost in speed and even after replacing Norton with another security program you computer will still be much faster.

The even bigger reason why I don’t recommend Norton:
I have seen far to many computers infected with viruses that have Norton protection on them. In fact over 70% of the machines we remove viruses from have Norton or McAfee installed. There is no point in paying $79.99  for  a security program  if you end up having to go and take your computer for a virus removal.

We Recommend a Multi -Layered Approach to system security encompassing of a Solid Anti Virus, a Good Anti Malware, and a dependable Anti-Spyware program combined with custom browser settings

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