Free VS Paid Anti Virus?

Perry Hall Computer RepairInternet security is always a hot topic for computer users. There are many companies out there that provide different levels of protection and the question I receive quite often is “what is a good free AV (antivirus) that I can use?” While there are good sides to getting your AV for free, paying brings many more benefits that users should know about.

Antivirus protection should never be taken lightly. I tell everyone of my customers that they should be using some sort of antivirus, no matter the user. You might be someone that has been on the internet for years and never gotten a virus (at least one that you don’t know about) but I would still strongly urge those who run nothing for protection. It’s the same as leaving your house unlocked when you leave; maybe you’ve never been robbed before, but it’s never a good thing to do.

Let’s say you are a computer user and you are needing antivirus. You have the option of either downloading a free program to use or finding an antivirus with a premium. Here are some options to keep in mind when determining which route you want to take.

1) Free programs lack good technical support.
I have to deal with technical support all the time, and the difference between good and bad technical support goes a long way. I would rather pay for good technical support than have to deal with someone who I can barely understand and doesn’t really care if my issues get resolved or not.

2) Lack of options
Most free versions offer run of the mill features that only offer a handful of protection. Free versions might protect you against some malware, spyware, and other infectious files that users run into often. Paid versions offer all this plus offer additional benefits such as an additional firewall, advanced identity protection, spam mail filtering, parental controls, and so much more depending on which options you buy.

3) Real time protection
Probably the biggest difference with free vs. paid antivirus is paid antivirus offers real time protection. This means that it will give you a warning when something goes wrong. Some free antivirus programs offer this but most all paid AV list this as a benefit. Let’s take a free AV for example. Say you are browsing the internet and click on a bad link. A good paid AV would stop you right there alerting you that it could potentially be hazardous to your computer but the free one will allow you to click it. Most, not all, free programs will only work when you actively run scans. Using free means you should set reminders for yourself to scan since it doesn’t actively watch over your computer like a paid program will.

4) Stability
Paid antivirus is often regarded as more stable since they have the budget to keep their program up to date and keep it upgraded.

When picking an antivirus it all comes down to two questions. One – do I have the budget to pay for antivirus? two – how important is the data on my computer? Like  stated above, I recommended everyone run some sort of protection, especially businesses. I’ve seen viruses render computers completely useless to the point the operating system has to be re installed. If you have any data at all on your computer, whether it be family pictures, important documents, bank information, or just anything else that is personal to you, then investing in a good antivirus should be a priority to you.

What do I recommend?  Vipre Anti Virus. It is powerful, effective and does not slow down your computer.  We don’t really have a favorite when it comes to free. AVG and Avast are both popular free options but I’ve removed several spyware and viruses off computers that had up-to-date versions of these programs on them. You can always reach out to me at Perry Hall PC Repair to discuss options when it comes to protection on your computer.

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