Where Did These Come From? Those Annoying Toolbars

Perry Hall PC RepairOne of the things that I see on everyone’s computers that no one knows where they come from are Internet toolbars that tend to pile up in your web browser. I always ask if my client ever uses it, and they all answer that they aren’t sure where it came from. The answer is that you actually downloaded it yourself, and here’s why.

Last week, I was updating a client’s Java, something everyone should stay on top of to make sure they have the latest security fixes, and I came to this step pictured below:


On this page is an ad asking you to download the McAfee Scanner I installed it on clients machines and it asks for the Ask Toolbar. The problem is that it’s already checked. Many people will just hit the next button and not notice that they are installing an additional piece to the original software they were after. You then have an annoying toolbar taking up space in Internet Explorer. These serve no purpose, clutter up your internet window, and take up resources thus slowing your computer down.

I’m basically saying to be careful when downloading anything from the internet, or even keeping legitimate software updated. These companies make money recommending free antivirus and toolbars and the fact that they check it without your consent is dirty. Make sure you read every page instead of just blindly clicking next just to speed up the process, it could save you the headache of having to clean up your computer.


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