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We are Thankful For So Much



Great clients.:

Our clients are simply the best. They are home users primarily as well as a smattering of small offices. These are people who treat myself and my team as members part of the family. We’re not there just to “fix” what’s wrong but actually there to help and be their partners on the journey. They bake us cookies, buy us gifts and best of all, refer us to others. In fact, I’d say the greatest gift is when they refer their parents. When you care about your parents you want only the best for them. They took care of you while growing up and at this point in life, they need help with their computer. No better compliment than when we get referred to a client’s mother and father.

Great technicians:

This is what I’m most thankful for. When I realized I couldn’t serve all my great clients by myself, I worked to find just the right people I trust to take care of them. In fact, finding the right people has continued to be the biggest challenge my business has faced and I’m always on the lookout for new people.

These highly skilled people have an amazing dedication to customer service and I’m profoundly and deeply grateful to them. These guys are simply amazing. They aren’t just dedicated to the client, but dedicated to the team by constantly helping each other out. I’m humbled by their presence and honored they chose to work with me. There isn’t enough bandwidth to express how much I appreciate them.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! We are thankful for so much… And especially for all of our wonderful clients!


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

5 Quick Windows 8.1 Tips

Computer Repair Perry Hall MarylandWhen it was released Windows 8 felt like a huge leap backwards.  Microsoft axed the beloved Start Button and it alienated non-touch screen users. The recent release of version 8.1 has really flattened out the learning curve. Here are five quick tips to help you get the most out of Windows 8.0

  1. Boot to Desktop – If you are not a fan of the “Metro User Interface”, you can bypass the start screen by clicking directly on the Desktop icon then right click on the Taskbar, select Properties and switch to Navigation tab. Check the “Show my desktop background on Start“.
  2. Each of your Start screen app tile groups can have its own heading now, if required. You could name one group ‘Work’ and one ‘Personal’ as an example. Right-click on the Start screen and choose Customize to bring up the labels.
  3. Windows 8.1 goes even further with SkyDrive integration than Windows 8 did – you can have all of your applications save to your SkyDrive folder by default. Open up the Change PC Settings screen, choose SkyDrive and the relevant setting is on the Files tab.
  4. Start screen apps now update automatically, which will come as a relief to Windows 8 users who are used to having to apply the latest upgrades manually. If you want you can turn off this feature — select Settings and then App updates from inside the Store app.
  5. The system image backup tool first seen in Windows 7 looks like it has vanished from the 8.1 release, but this isn’t the case – it’s just very well hidden. Launch the desktop Control Panel, head to the File History pane, and a System Image Backup link appears in the lower left-hand corner.


Computer Repair Perry Hall Maryland

Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

Holding Off Getting That Computer Fixed? Check Us Out

perry hall computer repair www.baltimorepcfix.comHolding off getting your computer repaired because you are looking for a Black Friday deal?  Are you thinking Santa might get you a new laptop?  There is nothing more frustrating that a slow computer or trying to work on a machine that has been infected with spyware and constant popups.

69_Baltimore_PC_Fix_Baltimore_Computer_Repair_21236We offer Affordable repair solutions for your computer and laptop needs. Perry Hall PC Repair offers $69 Flat Rate computer Repairs.  Total labor for repairs is only $69 any needed parts are billed at an equally affordable rate. No Gimmicks, No Fine print, Just honest, affordable service. We know times are tough and the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to but here all Computer Repairs are still only $69.

www.baltimorepcfix.comWe offer equally affordable rates on Virus Removals only $79. That’s right just $79 Why pay $150, $100 when you can get the same results here for only $79.

If you do get a new computer for Christmas and need you data transferred to you new machine we can do that for you for only $50

Connected PC SolutionsComputer Repair in Perry Hall, Maryland

Our Service Includes:

Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland



Shop Safely This Holiday Season 4 Quick Tips

baltimore pc repairEven though  Cyber Monday, and Black Friday may mark the high points of the holiday shopping season, but they are by no means the end of it.  In a still struggling economy, with everyone searching for value, consumers will encounter technology deals that might seem too good to be true.

As reported by the Dow Jones news wire, Online shopping may well top $1 billion dollars on a single day this year.  With more and more consumers willing to spend money Online, sales will rise, but so will the risk of exposure to some sort of scam or cyber-crime right alongside those fabulous deals.

So, how can you avoid being taken advantage of?
There are many ways to keep yourself, your privacy, and your money safe this holiday season. But, as the countdown to Christmas grows shorter, many of us abandon our common sense in the desperate pursuit of that one great gift or that one fantastic deal.

Therein lies the problem.  The number one way to guard against Online scams is to employ some common sense.
For example, many of us will go to extreme lengths to save a few dollars.  This often includes venturing off the ‘beaten path’ and looking outside the major retailers on Online auction or classified sites such as E-Bay or Craigslist, which the Better Business Bureau has cautioned against.  While many of the deals offered on such sites are perfectly legitimate, the likelihood of stumbling into a scam is far greater on these sorts of sites.

Tip #1
 If a deal seems too greatit probably is, especially if it’s from an individual user or a ‘minor’ retailer.  Be suspicious of any deal or sale that you can’t believe is real.  Maybe you’ve found the best buy of the season, but it’s more likely that you’ve stumbled into a scam set up to defraud you and steal your money or information.
It’s also important to remember that anyone you do business with Online knows more about Internet commerce — and its dangers — than you do.

Tip #2
Is to do some research about any Online vendor you’re considering making a purchase from.  Some vendors believe quality customer service goes hand in hand with turning a profit.

Tip #3
Consumers would also be wise to investigate other forms of payment, such as Papal or Bill Me Later, a Papal service.  While alternative methods may not offer the convenience of credit cards, they may provide more security against potential scams and those who know how to abuse the system.
Regardless of where and when you shop Online Be cautious

Tip #4
For the online shopper: understand your credit cards.  Broker and other merchants like him, were able to take advantage of customers because of the rules set up by the credit cards those customers use.

With credit card purchases being the dominant form of Online shopping, it’s vital that consumers know the policies of the cards they use and what recourse they have should those policies be abused.

Computer Repair in Baltimore, Maryland

Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

How to Extend The Life of Your Laptop

www.BaltimorePCFix.comSuch a simple thing but many of us don’t do it, all you need to do to give your laptop a better chance at life is use a cooling pad.  I’ve monitored hard drive and internal operating temperatures of laptops with and without cooling trays either fan power and no fan.  Laptops can run 10-15 degrees cooler which doesn’t sound like much but it will affect performance and life of the computer and chances are your laptop will continue to run hotter and hotter until it fails.

Cooling Pad prices range from $15-$45 and are sure cheaper than replacing your laptop every two years.


Computer Repair Perry Hall, Maryland


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

Home Users and Data Backup

data backupHome users should also backup to protect against drive failure, theft, and viruses, Data backups aren’t just for companies! There are many inexpensive backup solutions on the market today geared towards home and small business users depending on their needs. Investing in a backup solution can save you hundreds in repair costs and thousands in data recovery charges.

The first questions to ask are:

  1. How much data are you backing up?
  2. Is your computer stationary or mobile?
  3. How sensitive is your data? 

Online Backup services

If you don’t have much data (less than five gigabytes) and your data isn’t sensitive an internet backup service might be right for you. Most services offer monthly or annual contracts ranging from $5/month to $50/yr. After joining they provide you with an application that lets you choose which folders to backup. Most services will monitor for file changes and automatically backup files as needed.


  1. Data is stored offsite protecting you against fire/acts of god
  2. No extra hardware required
  3. Good for specific folders (my documents, email, etc)


  1. Slow backups, performing a full backup can take upwards of a day.
  2. Services have surcharges depending on bandwidth usage.
  3. Doesn’t backup the entire hard drive. 

Offline Backup Solutions

Unlike online backup services, offline backup solutions store data on an external hard drive or DVD media. These solutions make an image of your hard drive, meaning you can return the computer to exact state of the last backup, not just restore individual files, this is good if your drive fails or you’re infected with a virus. You can buy an external hard drive for under $200 and the software for between $50 and $99, some software will create a recovery partition so no external drive is necessary. Most programs will create a monthly full backup and daily incremental (what’s changed) backup, full backup’s take about an hour to complete and incremental backup’s take a few minutes. As the drive fills up it will delete the oldest full and incremental backup’s to make room for the new.

For stationary laptops and desktops its best to automatically backup to an external hard drive as it protects against drive failure and data loss. If your computer is mobile you can create a recovery partition on your hard drive for backups however it doesn’t protect against drive failure. If you don’t want to carry an external hard drive it’s best to manually run a backup to an external drive when you have a moment.


  1. Fast, secure backups
  2. Ideal for users with lots of data
  3. Allows for full system restores


  1. Backups are stored onsite.
  2. Requires an external hard drive.


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland