You can Call The Big Box Squad or You Can Call Us And Save $

geeksquadpricesYou can take your computer to the Geek Squad and pay $199 to have a Virus removed OR You can call Perry Hall PC Repair and pay just $79.

You can wait 3-5 days for the Geek Squad to remove the virus OR You can get your machine returned to you by us in most cases 24 hours.


You can pay the Geek Squad $69 to diagnose your computers problem then pay them an additional $129 +parts to fix it OR You can Call Us and pay just $69 + parts to fix it No Diagnostic fee.

Most of the work Geek Squad takes in isn’t even done buy the Geek Squad. Geek Squad contracts out their work to companies like, AgeoTech and others who remotely fix your computer while it is at the Geek Squad. This is known as Special Agent Johnny Utah.


Since 1999 we have offered honest, Flat Rate Computer repair at an affordable price. In this tough economy where times are tough and the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to we offer an excellent value.

We could charge you more if it will make you feel better….  But we give outstanding service at a great price

Computer Repair in Baltimore


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland


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