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Local Perry Hall Computer Repair www.baltimorepcfix.comPerry Hall PC Repair offers efficient and Affordable Computer Repair in Baltimore,Maryland Computer Repair in Parkville, Maryland  and surrounding areas. Contact us today! **We now service the White Marsh area, Reisterstown and Catonsville!**

At Perry Hall Computer Repair, we’ve helped numerous local companies and individuals since 1999. And one of the top reasons people contact us is a problem with a slow computer.

Every computer slows down over time with use. It’s inevitable. As you add and delete data, electronic junk builds up and slows your system down—much like your kitchen pipes start to drain slower over decades of use unless they’re flushed out. And that’s the silver lining here: It is possible to have your computer “flushed,” or optimized, so it’s running as good as new.

We Offer Free Pick Up and Delivery for all Repairs – Most Repairs have a 24 hr turn around!

Once we pick up your computer,  we will run an extensive diagnostic checkup to find and fix your problem quickly. This includes:

Computer viruses
•Fixing general computer problems, big and small
•File recovery problems
Remove spyware and adware
•Provide a computer netstata denial of service virus fix!
•Install correct drivers
Advanced laptop and desktop repair
•Monitor/display driver issues
•Fix a hijacked computer (i.e., a “zombie”)
•Device connections
•System restore
System start-up problems
•System memory problems
•Fix computer boot loop
Optimize and speed up your computer

Computer Repair of Baltimore

Connected PC SolutionsComputer and Laptop repair in Perry Hall, Maryland


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