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Sorting out the processors when purchasing a new computer

When it comes to processors or CPU’s, you have one of two manufacturers to choose from: AMD and Intel. These companies make virtually all of the world’s desktop PC CPUs, but that’s where the similarities between the two firms end, for the most part. So, should you go for an AMD or Intel CPU when building your PC?

Here, we will delve into the differences between Intel’s and AMD’s CPU offerings, which will help you make an educated decision when it comes to purchasing a new computer.

Perry Hall Computing LLC Generally speaking, computers with AMD’s chips are cheaper than their Intel counterparts. If your budget is tight, an AMD based computer is likely the best way for you to go.

There’s no real “right” answer when you’re trying to decide whether you should go for an AMD or Intel processor.
The Intel Line up begins with the I3 processor. The computers that are based upon this processor are for everyday use andpERRY hALL cOMPUTING llc casual gaming such as apps on Facebook, and sites like The AMD counterpart to this would be the A6 processor.

Next up we have the Intel’s i5 processor based computers. These units are good for  watching movies, creating and sharing home movies through programs like Movie Maker. The AMD counterpart is the A8 processor.
The next two are the high performance gaming machines The Intel i7 and the AMD A10. The computers based upon these processors pack a serious computing punch and look to pay for that performance.

The price difference at this level of performance for  a laptop based on the AMD A10 processor vs the Intel i7 can be as much as $400-$500 for essentially the same performance.

For an everyday user who does more that checking email, updating their various social media pages I would recommend the AMDA8/Intel i5 processor, however, If you just check email, log into banking to pay bills and check Facebook etc. The i3/ A6 series processors will do you just fine.


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Live in Perry Hall? Most Important Reason To Have Us Repair Your Computer

Computer Repair Perry Hall Maryland www.baltimorepcfix.comThe entire staff of Perry Hall Computing LLC is proud of its community-based company and finds it very rewarding to provide IT support for businesses, organizations, and individuals. All of us believe in person-to-person communication, which is why, when you call us, you speak to a real live person who cares about your needs.

We are more interested in creating long-term relationships than making a quick sale. For us, business is personal. Our customers know we go the extra mile to help in any way we can. Our customers are our neighbors! Fellow business owners, and Fellow PTA members.

Since 1999, Perry Hall Computing LLC has encountered just about everything that can happen to a computer system. That’s why we became a one-stop computer services company. From providing assessment of your computer requirements and custom hardware, to remote backup and computer maintenance packages, we work creatively with your system requirements to give you peace of mind.

Perry Hall Computing LLC is committed to providing a full service solution to our customers. Our company strives to stand out in the community as a quality provider of Computers, and Services for all of your computing needs. Visit us at


Is your Computer “Sick” ? We have the cure

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Just like people, sometimes computers get sick. When that happens, think of us as your computer’s personal physician. Whether you just want to give it a physical to check all its vital signs, give it a good cleanse to speed up its metabolism – or even if it’s already on life-support – we can help. If your computer is too sick to make it into our shop, we even make house calls. And unlike “people” doctors, if we can’t bring your computer back to health, you won’t receive a bill. It’s our “No Fix-No Fee” guarantee.

If it has anything to do with your computer, we have the only phone number you need, 443-567-9488.

Has your computer been giving you problems lately? Has it been slow starting up or just sluggish. Does your computer turn on but the screen is black? Have you gotten the “blue screen of death”?

BIZ CARDCall Perry Hall PC Repair  is your local computer experts.

Located right in the middle of your neighborhood, our professional technicians can solve any problem you are having!

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