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Just like people, sometimes computers get sick. When that happens, think of us as your computer’s personal physician. Whether you just want to give it a physical to check all its vital signs, give it a good cleanse to speed up its metabolism – or even if it’s already on life-support – we can help. If your computer is too sick to make it into our shop, we even make house calls. And unlike “people” doctors, if we can’t bring your computer back to health, you won’t receive a bill. It’s our “No Fix-No Fee” guarantee.

If it has anything to do with your computer, we have the only phone number you need, 443-567-9488.

Has your computer been giving you problems lately? Has it been slow starting up or just sluggish. Does your computer turn on but the screen is black? Have you gotten the “blue screen of death”?

BIZ CARDCall Perry Hall PC Repair  is your local computer experts.

Located right in the middle of your neighborhood, our professional technicians can solve any problem you are having!

Perry Hall PC RepairLocal computer repair for Perry Hall, Maryland



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