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Myth: Mac’s Can’t Get Viruses

www.baltimorepcfix.comMacs are known for their high tolerance and good security against viruses.  However, every once in a while some Mac computers may develop cookies, viruses, and Trojans. Don’t panic if you do have a virus on your mac, because virus removal on Macbook is possible!

The various types of dangers

The main three types of threats to your computer’s security through using the Internet are:

1)     Cookies

2)     Viruses

3)     Trojans

Deleting Trojans

Trojans are becoming more serious and common in infecting Mac computers. Trojans allow your computer’s DNS records to be modified, hijacked, infected and watched.  The most serious Trojan is called a flashback and infects your computer by downloading malicious components. Flashback tricked users by disguising the installer for Adobe Flash.

What to Avoid: 

– Only download Adobe Flash Player from the official site to avoid downloading a Trojan.

– Disable the “open safe files after downloading” option in preferences to avoid automatic installations of potentially dangerous programs.

Get Rid of Viruses

Getting rid of viruses is a little more complicated but still do-able. Download ClamXay for your specific Mac OS and install recent apple security updates.

With these two completely up to date, ClamXay will take you through the necessary steps if a virus is detected.

Additional Help

Virus removal on mac isn’t easy! If you cannot get rid of your virus or are in need of professional

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