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Conduit Search – Malware, Spyware and A Toolbar All In One!

Perry Hall Computer RepairThe Conduit Virus (shown above), is a piece of malware that redirects your browser to, an internet search engine. There is also a Conduit toolbar that can get installed on your computer. The malware will hijack your browser, and add toolbars and change your default search engine and homepage. It puts files on your computer that can restore it if you try to change these settings back.

Apart from changing your browser settings, this virus can also compromise your computer’s safety and even your personal safety. This is because this virus spies on your internet activities. This is how it is able to display the pop-up ads. If you use your computer for financial and personal transactions, it may get the passwords and private information. If this information gets into wrong hands, it can lead to internet fraud and identity theft. It turns out that this is a spyware and backdoor of the worst imaginable kind. Even worse, it will open up your computer to all kinds of additional malicious applications from third parties, which can be installed without you even noticing, once the primary backdoor is open. This virus can also lead to computer crashing and slow down. This is because it corrupts your system files and is takes up space on your system memory.


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