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Iron Man 3 – A Review or A Rant?

the mandarin Any fan of Marvel Comics Iron Man is well aware of The Mandarin. The Mandarin is a genius scientist and a super-humanly skilled martial artist whose powers come from rings that he adapted from the alien technology of a crashed space ship. Each ring has a different power and is worn on a specific finger. When it was announced that The Mandarin was finally making his big screen appearance fans such as myself were ecstatic. When it was announced that Ben Kingsley was tabbed to play the role the excitement level peaked.

It had been announced that Iron Man 3 was going to feature the Extremis story arc from 2005-2006 I was really excited as that was really a great 6 issue run and really tested Iron Man/Tony Stark’s limits.extremis

I know that the movies take “liberties” with story lines and as true comic book fan I find that annoying as stories and timelines all get mixed together to create a screen writers vision.

But after seeing Iron Man 3 I left the theater very disappointed almost with the sense I had been conned. A villain with a history and importance to the Iron Man character deserved a better role in the trilogy than just that of a distraction!  The Exremis story line was strong enough without having to add the Mandarin into it as a charade.

Overall the movie was a good one. Better than the 2nd in the trilogy but on par with the 1st.

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