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Sorting out the processors when purchasing a new computer

When it comes to processors or CPU’s, you have one of two manufacturers to choose from: AMD and Intel. These companies make virtually all of the world’s desktop PC CPUs, but that’s where the similarities between the two firms end, for the most part. So, should you go for an AMD or Intel CPU when building your PC?

Here, we will delve into the differences between Intel’s and AMD’s CPU offerings, which will help you make an educated decision when it comes to purchasing a new computer.

Perry Hall Computing LLC Generally speaking, computers with AMD’s chips are cheaper than their Intel counterparts. If your budget is tight, an AMD based computer is likely the best way for you to go.

There’s no real “right” answer when you’re trying to decide whether you should go for an AMD or Intel processor.
The Intel Line up begins with the I3 processor. The computers that are based upon this processor are for everyday use andpERRY hALL cOMPUTING llc casual gaming such as apps on Facebook, and sites like The AMD counterpart to this would be the A6 processor.

Next up we have the Intel’s i5 processor based computers. These units are good for  watching movies, creating and sharing home movies through programs like Movie Maker. The AMD counterpart is the A8 processor.
The next two are the high performance gaming machines The Intel i7 and the AMD A10. The computers based upon these processors pack a serious computing punch and look to pay for that performance.

The price difference at this level of performance for  a laptop based on the AMD A10 processor vs the Intel i7 can be as much as $400-$500 for essentially the same performance.

For an everyday user who does more that checking email, updating their various social media pages I would recommend the AMDA8/Intel i5 processor, however, If you just check email, log into banking to pay bills and check Facebook etc. The i3/ A6 series processors will do you just fine.


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Local Computer Repair vs The Big Box Store: Why Our Customers Win

WWW.BaltimorePCFix.comWe have been serving Baltimore with fast friendly & affordable computer repair.  Connected PC Solutions© offer three ways to get your computers, laptops and other tech fixed. We now offer In-Shop, with our FREE Pickup & Return computer and laptop repair. We can service both home and small business customers from Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Unlike many repair shops and big box stores we don’t:

  1. Nickel and dime our customers.
  2. We never charge inflated hourly rates or stick on extra fees for things like same day service or cleaning dust from inside your computer.
  3. When you call us you will know an exact repair cost $69 +Parts for Computer Repairs and $79 for Standard Virus Removals.
  4. We make sure every customer knows exactly what the cost of the repair will be.

Every Service or Repair Includes Free:

  • 30 Day Guarantee on all work!
  • Free Same Day Service when possible – Most Repairs complete within 24 hrs
  • Free Pick Up and Return Delivery
  • Free system performance evaluation
  • Free Operating system security evaluation
  • Free Clean out of any dust inside your computer

Our clients could choose to use the Big Box stores.  I’ve heard from many that the gimmick of the “Special Agent” wears off quickly when the prices are very high and you are just a number.  You get Agent 10009 today….Agent 234 next week…and a new one each time.  But they choose us!!

I think the big stores have a great thing going but just like their retail operation they are a VOLUME business.  You are expected to know a lot about your technology so they can perform work on it and give it back to you.  I take a different approach in that I see Perry Hall PC Repair working for your business as if we are on staff.  We feel a responsibility to make your IT work to help your business succeed and thus look to us for the long term.

Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

You can Call The Big Box Squad or You Can Call Us And Save $

geeksquadpricesYou can take your computer to the Geek Squad and pay $199 to have a Virus removed OR You can call Perry Hall PC Repair and pay just $79.

You can wait 3-5 days for the Geek Squad to remove the virus OR You can get your machine returned to you by us in most cases 24 hours.


You can pay the Geek Squad $69 to diagnose your computers problem then pay them an additional $129 +parts to fix it OR You can Call Us and pay just $69 + parts to fix it No Diagnostic fee.

Most of the work Geek Squad takes in isn’t even done buy the Geek Squad. Geek Squad contracts out their work to companies like, AgeoTech and others who remotely fix your computer while it is at the Geek Squad. This is known as Special Agent Johnny Utah.


Since 1999 we have offered honest, Flat Rate Computer repair at an affordable price. In this tough economy where times are tough and the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to we offer an excellent value.

We could charge you more if it will make you feel better….  But we give outstanding service at a great price

Computer Repair in Baltimore


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

5 Quick Windows 8.1 Tips

Computer Repair Perry Hall MarylandWhen it was released Windows 8 felt like a huge leap backwards.  Microsoft axed the beloved Start Button and it alienated non-touch screen users. The recent release of version 8.1 has really flattened out the learning curve. Here are five quick tips to help you get the most out of Windows 8.0

  1. Boot to Desktop – If you are not a fan of the “Metro User Interface”, you can bypass the start screen by clicking directly on the Desktop icon then right click on the Taskbar, select Properties and switch to Navigation tab. Check the “Show my desktop background on Start“.
  2. Each of your Start screen app tile groups can have its own heading now, if required. You could name one group ‘Work’ and one ‘Personal’ as an example. Right-click on the Start screen and choose Customize to bring up the labels.
  3. Windows 8.1 goes even further with SkyDrive integration than Windows 8 did – you can have all of your applications save to your SkyDrive folder by default. Open up the Change PC Settings screen, choose SkyDrive and the relevant setting is on the Files tab.
  4. Start screen apps now update automatically, which will come as a relief to Windows 8 users who are used to having to apply the latest upgrades manually. If you want you can turn off this feature — select Settings and then App updates from inside the Store app.
  5. The system image backup tool first seen in Windows 7 looks like it has vanished from the 8.1 release, but this isn’t the case – it’s just very well hidden. Launch the desktop Control Panel, head to the File History pane, and a System Image Backup link appears in the lower left-hand corner.


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Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland