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perry hall computer repairAre you worried about the security of your Computer and your data? Want a worry free computing experience?

Perry Hall Computing offers a Total Care plan


With our Our Total Care Plan you will get

  • Managed Anti-Virus software
  • Unlimited free virus removals
  • Reports are run every hour to check for infections, Windows services stopped, Hard Drive space and health, and other critical components
  • Daily update checks for Windows and third party security updates (java, flash etc)
  • Daily automated mini-tune up to keep your customer’s computers running smooth
  • Sneaker ware Prevention – Automatically chooses “No” during software installation for additional software (toolbars, adware etc)
  • Website Filtering – Blocks known attack sites, and other categories the customer requests such as Adult sites etc..

Only $21.00 Per month be safe , secure and have your computer running at peak performance


Reality: Someone May Be Snooping Your Network

Baltimore WiFi SecuritySince 1999 we have been offering onsite computer repair I’ve come across countless open Wifi networks. If you use a laptop or other wireless device in an urban area you’ve seen them too. Some networks are set up this way to allow others in the neighborhood to share an Internet connection (though your ISP may frown on this). Others because the person lives far enough away from anyone that they believe distance protects them from hackers or the like. After all, sometimes your Wifi signal doesn’t reach much further than the walls of the house.

The problem is that when your network is open pretty much everything you do on your computer is visible to anyone else on that network, if they know how to look for it. And, while you may not be able to see your wireless network very far beyond the borders of your home, most of the people who want to snoop on your connection have much more powerful antennas that allow them to connect over great distances. It’s also not just your data that you need to worry about. You can also be hurt by what the person connecting to your wireless does with your Internet connection.

The good news is that securing your wireless network is a fairly easy and straight forward process. The reality is that most people who want to do bad things with your wireless connection are looking for an easy score. They will likely see that your network is protected and just move on to greener pastures.

Perry Hall PC Repair Wireless Security Service Special

For Only $89 We will come to your home and secure your wireless network to keep your network activity safe from prying eyes. With an Un-secured wireless network your Banking activity, online purchase information is up for grabs
$89 is a small price to pay for peace of mind


Computer Repair of Baltimore

You can Call The Big Box Squad or You Can Call Us And Save $

geeksquadpricesYou can take your computer to the Geek Squad and pay $199 to have a Virus removed OR You can call Perry Hall PC Repair and pay just $79.

You can wait 3-5 days for the Geek Squad to remove the virus OR You can get your machine returned to you by us in most cases 24 hours.


You can pay the Geek Squad $69 to diagnose your computers problem then pay them an additional $129 +parts to fix it OR You can Call Us and pay just $69 + parts to fix it No Diagnostic fee.

Most of the work Geek Squad takes in isn’t even done buy the Geek Squad. Geek Squad contracts out their work to companies like, AgeoTech and others who remotely fix your computer while it is at the Geek Squad. This is known as Special Agent Johnny Utah.


Since 1999 we have offered honest, Flat Rate Computer repair at an affordable price. In this tough economy where times are tough and the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to we offer an excellent value.

We could charge you more if it will make you feel better….  But we give outstanding service at a great price

Computer Repair in Baltimore


Computer Repair in Perry Hall Maryland

Your Worst Computer Nightmare – CryptoLocker

Baltimore PC RepairRansom ware is a variety of malware that, once it infects its host-machine, at least says it’s encrypted the data on or locked its victim’s machine in some other way. The malware then informs the infected user that he or she must pay a ransom in order to unlock their files. Of course, there is never any guarantee whatsoever that paying the ransom will unlock anything. In this case the Cryptolocker really carries out the threat, The virus encrypts files stored on local hard drives and mounted network drives using public-key cryptography, and then displays a message saying that the files will be decrypted by a 2048-bit RSA key pair if a fee is paid through an anonymous payment service by a specified deadline, beyond which decryption is no longer possible.  There is no way to decrypt the key.

US-CERT issued an advisory this week warning businesses and consumers of the risks presented by CryptoLocker, which has been on the radar of security experts since late October. US-CERT said infections are on the rise and urge victims not to pay the ransom, instead report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

How the virus works – What does it steal from you? Who does it Target?

CryptoLocker installs itself to the Documents and Settings folder on your system and then proceeds to search for specific file types like Microsoft Word Docs or Adobe PDFs. It applies an asymmetric encryption which requires both a public and private key to unlock. The public key is stored in the virus itself and is used to encrypt the files. The private key is hosted on the hacker’s server.

We have noticed a high infection rate here in Baltimore County as well as the surrounding metro Baltimore area.  This is serious business for these thugs and for the first time this type of attack is being considered organized crime.

How do I get it?

  • As an email sent to company addresses pretending to be from customer support from FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. The virus is attached to the email, usually labeled as a tracking number.
  • In PDF documents that are attached to emails.
  • Via hacked websites that can exploit computer vulnerabilities to install the infection.
  • Through Trojans that pretend to be programs you need to download in order to watch videos online.

Some versions of CryptoLocker are reportedly capable of affecting not only local files but also files stored in Removable Media such as USB sticks, external hard drives, network file shares and some cloud storage services that are able to sync local folders with online storage. The US-CERT notification also warns that the malware can jump from machine to machine within a network and advises that infected users remove affected machines from their networks immediately.

Can Baltimore PC Repair remove the virus?

computer-maintenance-services-Baltimore-Perry-Hall-PC-RepairThe techs and engineers here at Perry Hall PC Repair have had success with removing the virus but at this point it is impossible to retrieve the encrypted files so honestly the best practice is to wipe the hard drive and start over.


  • Beware of attachments – Always look at your attachments. If you get an email with an attachment from any sender you don’t personally know don’t open it. If you get an attachment from people you do know, but it isn’t something they would normally send, don’t open it. For all other attachments, try confirming that the file attached is in fact legitimate by asking the sender.
  • Backup your data – Be sure to always backup your data on a regular basis. If you backup files on a daily or even weekly basis and are infected, you can easily wipe your hard drives and start again without losing much in the way of data.
  • Know what to do if infected – If you are infected the first thing you should do is disconnect from the network to limit the chance of the virus spreading to other systems. If you have backed up your system and data, you can probably revert your system. If not, your best plan of attack would be to contact us to see if we can help, as we may be able to get around the encryption or even delete it

Computer Repair in Baltimore Maryland

Free VS Paid Anti Virus?

Perry Hall Computer RepairInternet security is always a hot topic for computer users. There are many companies out there that provide different levels of protection and the question I receive quite often is “what is a good free AV (antivirus) that I can use?” While there are good sides to getting your AV for free, paying brings many more benefits that users should know about.

Antivirus protection should never be taken lightly. I tell everyone of my customers that they should be using some sort of antivirus, no matter the user. You might be someone that has been on the internet for years and never gotten a virus (at least one that you don’t know about) but I would still strongly urge those who run nothing for protection. It’s the same as leaving your house unlocked when you leave; maybe you’ve never been robbed before, but it’s never a good thing to do.

Let’s say you are a computer user and you are needing antivirus. You have the option of either downloading a free program to use or finding an antivirus with a premium. Here are some options to keep in mind when determining which route you want to take.

1) Free programs lack good technical support.
I have to deal with technical support all the time, and the difference between good and bad technical support goes a long way. I would rather pay for good technical support than have to deal with someone who I can barely understand and doesn’t really care if my issues get resolved or not.

2) Lack of options
Most free versions offer run of the mill features that only offer a handful of protection. Free versions might protect you against some malware, spyware, and other infectious files that users run into often. Paid versions offer all this plus offer additional benefits such as an additional firewall, advanced identity protection, spam mail filtering, parental controls, and so much more depending on which options you buy.

3) Real time protection
Probably the biggest difference with free vs. paid antivirus is paid antivirus offers real time protection. This means that it will give you a warning when something goes wrong. Some free antivirus programs offer this but most all paid AV list this as a benefit. Let’s take a free AV for example. Say you are browsing the internet and click on a bad link. A good paid AV would stop you right there alerting you that it could potentially be hazardous to your computer but the free one will allow you to click it. Most, not all, free programs will only work when you actively run scans. Using free means you should set reminders for yourself to scan since it doesn’t actively watch over your computer like a paid program will.

4) Stability
Paid antivirus is often regarded as more stable since they have the budget to keep their program up to date and keep it upgraded.

When picking an antivirus it all comes down to two questions. One – do I have the budget to pay for antivirus? two – how important is the data on my computer? Like  stated above, I recommended everyone run some sort of protection, especially businesses. I’ve seen viruses render computers completely useless to the point the operating system has to be re installed. If you have any data at all on your computer, whether it be family pictures, important documents, bank information, or just anything else that is personal to you, then investing in a good antivirus should be a priority to you.

What do I recommend?  Vipre Anti Virus. It is powerful, effective and does not slow down your computer.  We don’t really have a favorite when it comes to free. AVG and Avast are both popular free options but I’ve removed several spyware and viruses off computers that had up-to-date versions of these programs on them. You can always reach out to me at Perry Hall PC Repair to discuss options when it comes to protection on your computer.

Computer Repair in Perry Hall



DIY Computer Maintenance – Keep Your PC Running

Perry Hall Computer RepairHas your computer stopped working?

Computers require maintenance on a regular basis. Maintaining and repairing your computer ensures it operates error-free instead of making you frustrated. Read these free computer repair tips:

Defragmentation of the computer system is necessary to prevent it from slowing down on performance.  Neglecting this results longer wait times when searching for files and opening programs. Defragmenting also streamlines bits of other programs and files that have been deleted or uninstalled, and that have been distributed randomly in the system, taking up unnecessary memory space.

Installing anti-virus software helps prevent system crashes and theft of private information by online criminals. Many cyber-threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware could cause problems if left unchecked. It’s necessary ensure that antivirus programs are updated to deal with the newest cyber-threats.

Delete unnecessary temporary files and programs from the computer. These junk files waste hard disk space which also slows down performance.  Also remove software programs that you no longer use.

PC physical cleaning keeps the machine free from dirt and dust. Over time tiny particles and dust collect on the machine which cause it to overheat and malfunction. When working on a PC it’s best to keep food and liquids away from it.

Ensure the machine’s programs and software are updated. There are numerous software that can do this automatically. The main thing to remember is that computers need care and attention to work properly. These are some basic but important tips regarding computer repair and maintenance that users ought to keep in mind.

If you are unsure about how to do any of these tasks yourself, don’t risk damaging your computer system.  Consult a professional computer technician. Contact  Perry Hall PC Repair for certified computer technicians to fix any computer problem.

Computer Repair in Baltimore Maryland

Never Get A Virus Again –

Computer Repair BaltimoreInstall a Good Antivirus Software and Keep it Up to Date

If you don’t have antivirus software installed, then you need to get on this right away. I would highly recommend Vipre Anti-Virus If you are looking for a good antivirus. The second part of this is that you need to keep this software up to date and you need to run scans regularly. Most good antivirus software packages will automatically update themselves. However, it is a good idea to check that this is happening. When it comes to scanning, it is a good idea to scan every week or so. By keeping your virus protection software up to date and by scanning often, you can make sure you catch any threats before they can wreak havoc on your PC.

Be Careful When Opening and Clicking Links Within Emails

Opening a bad attachment or directly clicking on a virus in an email are two really common ways to get a virus. There are quite a few ways to avoid this. First, be really careful opening emails that have attachments from people you don’t know. Second, if you open an email, you don’t recognize the sender, and the email itself really doesn’t make sense, then don’t click on any of the links in the email. In this case, it is best to just delete the email and move on. Last, if you are not with a solid email provider like G Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc, then you may want to think about switching. These services do a great job of filtering out any viruses before they even get to your inbox.

Be Careful When Browsing the Internet

Another really common place to get a virus is from a bad website. We have all been there, we have clicked on a link or a result in Google search and we end up at a website that just doesn’t look trustworthy. This site is trying to get you to download stuff, has tons of popups, and won’t even let you go back. In most cases, you are still OK. However, what you do next may determine if you get a virus or not. First, see if you can go back or even see if you can close out the browser window. If it doesn’t let you, you can try to close any popups or notifications using the “X” or the cancel button. If you still can’t get away from the bad site, you can use the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL to manually close your browser task. The big key is that whatever you do, don’t allow your browser to download anything. Most browsers today will ask if you are sure that you want to continue with a download. This is where you make your last stand against the virus.

To go along with this, it is best to just avoid certain types of sites. First of all, avoid public torrents and public torrent sites. These are well-known virus farms. You may also want to be careful around any type of adult sites or any low quality streaming sites. I am not talking about YouTube here. I am talking about sites that stream a specific TV show or channel illegally. These types of sites might have malware as well.

One last thing to look out for when browsing is fake “download”, “play now”, “play”, etc buttons. Be really careful around these. Keep an eye out for these on sites that you particularly don’t trust. Also, while on the topic, don’t fall for the “Your computer is infected” ads or popups as well. These are usually a trick to get you to download a virus. If you see one of these and you are unsure, close it, then open up your virus protection software and run a scan. This will tell you if you are truly infected or not.

Be Careful When Downloading Programs or Files

There are many times when you really just need to download a program or file from the Internet. If you do this correctly, then there is no issue. However, the key here is that when you download something, make sure it is from a trusted source. Downloading software directly from the software manufacturers website is one good tip. For example, if you need to download iTunes, download it from Apple itself, not some third party distributor. The only time you should download from a third party site is when the site itself links to the third party site for the download.

Our Exclusive Multi Layered Security Service includes:Perry Hall Computer Repair

  • A Stellar Anti Virus
  • A Proactive Anti Malware Scanner
  • Superior Spyware Detection
  • Custom Browser Settings

For Only $79.00


By following the tips and advice above, hopefully you will never get a virus again.


Affordable Computer Repair in Baltimore Maryland – Connected PC Solutions computer repair in Perry Hall, Maryland

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