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perry hall computer repairAre you worried about the security of your Computer and your data? Want a worry free computing experience?

Perry Hall Computing offers a Total Care plan


With our Our Total Care Plan you will get

  • Managed Anti-Virus software
  • Unlimited free virus removals
  • Reports are run every hour to check for infections, Windows services stopped, Hard Drive space and health, and other critical components
  • Daily update checks for Windows and third party security updates (java, flash etc)
  • Daily automated mini-tune up to keep your customer’s computers running smooth
  • Sneaker ware Prevention – Automatically chooses “No” during software installation for additional software (toolbars, adware etc)
  • Website Filtering – Blocks known attack sites, and other categories the customer requests such as Adult sites etc..

Only $21.00 Per month be safe , secure and have your computer running at peak performance


Reality: Someone May Be Snooping Your Network

Baltimore WiFi SecuritySince 1999 we have been offering onsite computer repair I’ve come across countless open Wifi networks. If you use a laptop or other wireless device in an urban area you’ve seen them too. Some networks are set up this way to allow others in the neighborhood to share an Internet connection (though your ISP may frown on this). Others because the person lives far enough away from anyone that they believe distance protects them from hackers or the like. After all, sometimes your Wifi signal doesn’t reach much further than the walls of the house.

The problem is that when your network is open pretty much everything you do on your computer is visible to anyone else on that network, if they know how to look for it. And, while you may not be able to see your wireless network very far beyond the borders of your home, most of the people who want to snoop on your connection have much more powerful antennas that allow them to connect over great distances. It’s also not just your data that you need to worry about. You can also be hurt by what the person connecting to your wireless does with your Internet connection.

The good news is that securing your wireless network is a fairly easy and straight forward process. The reality is that most people who want to do bad things with your wireless connection are looking for an easy score. They will likely see that your network is protected and just move on to greener pastures.

Perry Hall PC Repair Wireless Security Service Special

For Only $89 We will come to your home and secure your wireless network to keep your network activity safe from prying eyes. With an Un-secured wireless network your Banking activity, online purchase information is up for grabs
$89 is a small price to pay for peace of mind


Computer Repair of Baltimore

Seasons Greetings to All !!

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

Computer Repair Perry Hall Maryland

We have opened up several different holiday cards this past week.  Yeah, ’they’ve been arriving at our office for the past week and what an amazing, moving experience the act receiving holiday wishes can be.

As far as I’m concerned, this blog is more than just me typing my thoughts on a web portal.  It’s an interaction between bloggers and readers, it’s an interaction between friends and friends.  And if I could send cards to everybody who I call “friend,” there wouldn’t be enough cards left in the Perry Hall /White Marsh area for others to use.

So in the spirit of the holidays, in appreciation for everything you’ve done…

Merry Christmas.  Happy holidays, Joyeux Noel and Peace.

Merry Christmas an Happy Holidays to the wonderful people who fire up their computers and check out what we at Perry Hall PC Repair  doing Those that follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. We thank you and truly appreciate your support of a local, family owned computer repair service in Baltimore, Maryland.

Thinking of Buying an All In One Computer? Think Again

hp-touchsmart-iq800-series-all-in-one-pcWhen you buy a real desktop PC you can usually upgrade it after a few years by replacing parts or even taking out the parts and putting them into a new computer. You can also use the monitor with another computer in the future. When you have an all in one computer you are extremely limited in what you can upgrade. After a few years your all in one computer becomes out dated and you have to buy a completely new computer to catch up with technology.

Tips from our Baltimore Computer Repair Shop

Computer Repairs tends to also be much easier when you are working with a desktop. Desktops typically have significantly more room to work in and they do not use as many proprietary parts. If an aspect of the desktop breaks you can just swap it out with a new part. Please remember that not all desktop computers are equal so try to avoid any of those smaller mini towers as they can be significantly more difficult to upgrade.

Heat – is one of the things that damage the most of a computer. Tower desktops are originate so that the fan creates a vortex that helps cooling the parts inside. For laptops and all-in-one computers the space is limited, so it’s harder to an effective airflow to cool down the parts.

The Screen – because the screen is part of you computer. If it breaks, you can’t use your computer will being worked on. For a desktop you just plug in an other screen and you are back at work.

If you are considering buying an All In One Computer Our  Suggestion at Perry Hall PC Repair is to buy a Laptop. For the same price, you’ll have computer of equal power that able to move around. If you don’t like typing on the small screen, it’s easy to plug a keyboard and mouse in your laptop. Think a laptop screen is too small, you can connect to a monitor of your liking of your liking and use you laptop screen as a on the go screen.


Perry Hall PC Repair Special Offer:

Get your computer back in top running order just in time for school.

PC Tune Up: $25 (in Shop On Site $45)
PC Backup: $50 + cost of media
Virus Removal: $69 (In Shop Free Pick Up and Drop Off)
Hardware Upgrades: $20 with the purchase of any of the above services. (Labor only Parts Additional)


Computer Repair and Virus removal in Baltimore, Maryland – Connected PC Solutions

Our Multi-Layered Protection Service

wpid-special_offer.jpegWe use a multi-layered security system with overlapping software layers. Inevitably, no security software will catch everything. Just like in a football game, you have the first line of defense, and then back up players who catch anyone who breaks through the front line of defense.

Many times, when a user notices an active piece of malware, It is merely the visible tip of the infection iceberg. There are usually many malware items laying just beneath the surface in the operating system. This can range from your internet browser home page being stolen, to Trojan horse software targeting your banking account information.

We have carefully hand picked and tested the software we use in our in our Multi-Layered Security Plan. Our program work and it is a plan that we employ ourselves here @ Connected PC Solutions.

Our Plan includes:

  1. Pre Setup Virus Spyware  Scan and Removal
  2. Custom Browser/Internet Settings
  3. Anti Virus Protection
  4. Anti-MalwareProtection
  5. Anti- Spyware Protection
  6. PC Tune Up

All this is done for one low Price of:

$99  In Shop – Free Pick Up and Delivery

$159 On Site – 

Back to School Special: The Award Winning Vipre Anti Virus

Virus prevention that won’t slow you down. VIPRE Antivirus 2013 is the all-in-one security solution that protects against identity thieves, spammers, hackers and cybercriminals to keep your PC safe without impacting performance.

Removable device scanning
Scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats automatically when plugged or inserted into your PC.
Real-time monitoring and protection
Leverages multiple detection methods to monitor and protect against web threats, including zero-day threats, in real time.
Email virus protection
Protects against email viruses in Outlook, Outlook Express,
Windows Mail and any email program using POP3 and SMTP.



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ImageOur goal is to reach 50 likes on our new Facebook page by the end of August. We are having a contest. 1 Like equals 1 entry into the contest. The winner drawn at random shall receive a 32Gb USB 3.0 Flash drive. So visit our Facebook Page

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