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Watching TV Isn’t the Same Now the Internet is on the Scene

STREAMING_VIDEO_PERRY_HALL_PC_REPAIROnce upon a time when watching TV you only had a choice of a handful of channels. With the advent of cable and Satellite your option increased and varied according to the package you subscribed to.  There is a new player in town – the Internet.  Viewing programs and movies via the Internet is called streaming.  One of the great things about streaming is the fact that it is On Demand meaning you can watch what you want when you want. Many broadcast networks like FOX, CBS, NBC offer their programming for streaming on their website.

Other Options

  1. Hulu –  Offers a large variety of free content such as movies and TV shows in standard definition. The subscription service runs $8 per month allows a greater variety of TV shows and movies streamed to you computer in High Definition and is also available on your Ipad.
  2. Netflix – The DVD rental pioneer has a streaming video service that for $8 per month you have access to over 20,000 movies streamed to your computer or a streaming video appliance such as a Roku Box, or a Netflix enabled Blu Ray, DVD player or gaming console such as the PlayStation 3, or Xbox.
  3. Vudu – Vudu is a part of the WalMart empire has movies available a la carte for as little as .99 each and up to $6 for current releases. You also have the option of purchasing a digital copy of the movie.
  4. Amazon – The worlds #1 online retailer has 6,000 movies available a la carte or included as part of it’s Amazon Prime membership $79 per year it also included free two day shipping and next day shipping discounts.

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