Its Patch Tuesday :A Friendly reminder to Update your Computer

patch-tuesday-8mayJust a reminder from Perry Hall Computer Repair Patch Tuesday is upon us turn on your computer and let the patches download and install. This will assist in keeping your pc up to date and secure.


Affordable PC Repair In Perry Hall Maryland

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We offer Fast and affordable computer repair in Perry Hall, Maryland area. Who says high quality computer repair has to cost an arm and a leg?

$79 Is all you pay + any parts if needed. For Virus removals all you pay is $89 that is it. Quite simple actually. Compare our rates to the big box stores and you will see the value in our service.

How do we do it? We do not have a retail store front. Continuing paying $3000 per month in rent and utilities just didn’t make sense to us if we wanted to keep our rates low and affordable. We are now a mobile pick up and delivery service. Our landlords loss is your gain!

Free pick up and return delivery – Fast turn around 24-48 hours – Quality service!

Live in Perry Hall? Most Important Reason To Have Us Repair Your Computer

Computer Repair Perry Hall Maryland www.baltimorepcfix.comThe entire staff of Connected PC Solutions is proud of its community-based company and finds it very rewarding to provide IT support for businesses, organizations, and individuals. All of us believe in person-to-person communication, which is why, when you call us, you speak to a real live person who cares about your needs.

We are more interested in creating long-term relationships than making a quick sale. For us, business is personal. Our customers know we go the extra mile to help in any way we can. Our customers are our neighbors! Fellow business owners, and Fellow PTA members.

Since 1999, Connected PC Solutions has encountered just about everything that can happen to a computer system. That’s why we became a one-stop computer services company. From providing assessment of your computer requirements and custom hardware, to remote backup and computer maintenance packages, we work creatively with your system requirements to give you peace of mind.

Connected PC Solutions is committed to providing a full service solution to our customers. Our company strives to stand out in the community as a quality provider of Computers, and Services for all of your computing needs.


Happy New Year

Perry Hall Computer Repair wishes you all the best in the new year.

Reality: Someone May Be Snooping Your Network

Baltimore WiFi SecuritySince 1999 we have been offering onsite computer repair I’ve come across countless open Wifi networks. If you use a laptop or other wireless device in an urban area you’ve seen them too. Some networks are set up this way to allow others in the neighborhood to share an Internet connection (though your ISP may frown on this). Others because the person lives far enough away from anyone that they believe distance protects them from hackers or the like. After all, sometimes your Wifi signal doesn’t reach much further than the walls of the house.

The problem is that when your network is open pretty much everything you do on your computer is visible to anyone else on that network, if they know how to look for it. And, while you may not be able to see your wireless network very far beyond the borders of your home, most of the people who want to snoop on your connection have much more powerful antennas that allow them to connect over great distances. It’s also not just your data that you need to worry about. You can also be hurt by what the person connecting to your wireless does with your Internet connection.

The good news is that securing your wireless network is a fairly easy and straight forward process. The reality is that most people who want to do bad things with your wireless connection are looking for an easy score. They will likely see that your network is protected and just move on to greener pastures.

Perry Hall PC Repair Wireless Security Service Special

For Only $89 We will come to your home and secure your wireless network to keep your network activity safe from prying eyes. With an Un-secured wireless network your Banking activity, online purchase information is up for grabs
$89 is a small price to pay for peace of mind


Computer Repair of Baltimore

Fast and Affordable – Computer Repair

Local Perry Hall Computer Repair www.baltimorepcfix.comPerry Hall PC Repair offers efficient and Affordable Computer Repair in Baltimore,Maryland Computer Repair in Parkville, Maryland  and surrounding areas. Contact us today! **We now service the White Marsh area, Reisterstown and Catonsville!**

At Perry Hall Computer Repair, we’ve helped numerous local companies and individuals since 1999. And one of the top reasons people contact us is a problem with a slow computer.

Every computer slows down over time with use. It’s inevitable. As you add and delete data, electronic junk builds up and slows your system down—much like your kitchen pipes start to drain slower over decades of use unless they’re flushed out. And that’s the silver lining here: It is possible to have your computer “flushed,” or optimized, so it’s running as good as new.

We Offer Free Pick Up and Delivery for all Repairs – Most Repairs have a 24 hr turn around!

Once we pick up your computer,  we will run an extensive diagnostic checkup to find and fix your problem quickly. This includes:

Computer viruses
•Fixing general computer problems, big and small
•File recovery problems
Remove spyware and adware
•Provide a computer netstata denial of service virus fix!
•Install correct drivers
Advanced laptop and desktop repair
•Monitor/display driver issues
•Fix a hijacked computer (i.e., a “zombie”)
•Device connections
•System restore
System start-up problems
•System memory problems
•Fix computer boot loop
Optimize and speed up your computer

Computer Repair of Baltimore

Connected PC SolutionsComputer and Laptop repair in Perry Hall, Maryland


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